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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Pretender, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Old news for someo_O Maybe, this is from VZ FAQ Help,

    VisualZone used to work just fine but now it seems to have stopped working. It hasn't reported any new intrusion information for some time now although I'm sure ZoneAlarm has stopped several connection attempts. I'm running ZoneAlarm version 3. What's wrong?

    There is nothing wrong with VisualZone. The problem is ZoneAlarm. We have had many reports about this problem since the release of ZoneAlarm version 3. There is a bug in ZoneAlarm that will cause its database to become corrupt. When this happens ZoneAlarm will stop logging information about new intrusions to its log file. This usually happens after you install ZoneAlarm 3 or upgrade to a new release, but it can also happen after you restart your computer. This problem is also mentioned on the ZoneLabs web site. ZoneLabs recommends that you uninstall ZoneAlarm, delete all files in the Internet Logs folder and reinstall ZoneAlarm. But we have been able to narrow it down to one specific file (IAMDB.RDB). Here is an easier way to solve the problem:

    Shut down ZoneAlarm
    Open the folder C:\Windows\Internet Logs
    (or C:\WinNT\Internet Logs if you're running Windows NT or 2000).
    Delete the file IAMDB.RDB
    If the file BACKUP.RDB exists delete that file as well
    Restart your computer
    Start ZoneAlarm (the file IAMDB.RDB will automatically be recreated)
    Please note that most of ZoneAlarms configuration settings will return to default so you may want to make a note of your current settings. Also make sure to verify the suggestions on the announcement web page:

    Run the ShieldsUp test to verify that everything is working correctly:

    Start VisualZone
    Choose Tools and ShieldsUp service from the menu
    On the ShieldsUp web page click Probe my Ports
    This should trigger a couple of alerts in ZoneAlarm that should also show up in the VisualZone attack list.

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