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  1. Manuel_Pena

    Manuel_Pena Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    I have a customer with NOD32 v2.7.

    NOD32 can detect the Virut.O virus but cannot desinfect it.

    When do NOD32 release the vaccine??


  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest


    Welcome to Wilders!

    It looks like you have posted in the wrong forum , but no problem. - thread moved, LWM.

    When NOD32 quarantines a few files , goto %ProgramFiles/ESET/Infected folder , have a look for the most recent files and send them to email support[at] . Explain the problem and provide as much information as possible.

    They may either analyse the files and provide further disinfection procedure (if possible) or advise you on something else :)
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