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    New protection features for all customers and effective tools for corporate system administrators.

    The latest packages of VirusBuster products for Windows include a range of new, exciting features for home and corporate users alike.

    Desktop and server products have been extended with new protection features to combat malware, while VirusBuster Central Management Solution’s latest version, 7.0 provides easy-to-use tools for system administrators which will offer considerable help in monitoring and managing anti-malware products in the network.

    New features:
    * Comprehensive protection against malware attacks.
    * Incremental virus database update.
    * Task oriented operation.
    * Comprehensive protection.
    * Outstanding performance and effectiveness.

    *Autorun protection: Protection against malware, which spread using the autorun.inf file, mainly on pendrives and which have been spreading extensively lately using this method. The new setting will be enabled by default and the product will not allow the opening of autorun.inf and in case of extended protection, the writing of the file.

    * Host protection: the product will not allow the writing of the host file, which will block the potential activity of numerous malware.


    VirusBuster Personal:- -- (32 Bit)
    -- (64 Bit)

    VirusBuster Professional:- -- (32 Bit)
    -- (64 Bit)

    VirusBuster Internet Sec:- -- (32 Bit)
    -- (64 Bit)

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    But no behavior blocker component as yet?
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