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Discussion in 'Capsa Network Analyzer' started by life036, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. life036

    life036 Registered Member

    Apr 1, 2010
    Hi All,

    I'm only looking for two features from this program, and am not interested in all of the other things it can do. Can anyone tell me if this program is capable of the following two things?:

    1) I would like to see a pie chart of the top 10 websites the users in my organization are visiting the most.
    2) I would like to be able to click on one of the most visited websites and see which users in my organization are visiting it the most.

    Is this software capable of showing me that? If so, would someone be kind enough to tell me how to do it?

    I have my hardware all set up already: Every single packet from my organization that goes out to the internet or comes in from the internet goes through a switch port that is being monitored by the Capsa demo. I'm already capturing all the necessary packets at this point, I just need to know how to view the data in the manner I explained above...

  2. Colasoft Support

    Colasoft Support Colasoft Moderator

    Dec 6, 2007
    Hi life036,

    Thanks for trying our program. Capsa 7 can satisfy both of the demands mentioned in your post.

    1. Please do the following steps to get a chart of top 10 websites visits:
    a. Start a HTTP analysis (choose HTTP analysis profile on the Start Page);
    b. Create a graph of Top Remote IP Address by Total Traffic (you can find this graph item in the Top Chart tab of the Make Graph dialog box (figure below);



    Note: the HTTP analysis profile will only analyze the packets of HTTP and DNS, therefore, the top remote IP address graph will show the addresses of remote HTTP applications that mostly the visited websites.

    2. You can do the following steps to get the users' IP addresses:
    a. According to the addresses in the graph mentioned above, you can locate the address in the Node Explorer.
    b. Open the Log tab. You can find the user's IP address in the HTTP Log.
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