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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Charles Plumb, Jul 31, 2004.

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  1. Charles Plumb

    Charles Plumb Registered Member

    Jul 31, 2004
    :mad: With Version 8 and Happy with :) with 7-613

    Well I finally bought it - after too much frustration with Ghost and Drive Image Restore Failures (and Norton having both Ghost and DI which gives DI crap tech support). I just wanted out.

    I am happly because my Version 7 and Build 613 works perfectly on my Sony Viao RZ32G and my Soyo Dragon KT-600 plus. It does everything perfect on the Soyo and with the Sony I have to do the thing - the F11 and enter acpi=off noacpi to get my mouse going with the sony.

    The version of the new build 627 for Version 7 fails to identify my SATA Drive powering a Maxtor 250 from a VIA 8237 chip on my SOYO Dragon. With convention boot or with acpi=off the drive fails to ID. I have tried every suggestion on this forum that I can find.

    I bought Version 7 two weeks ago, Acronis was nice enough to send me a New Version 8. Version 8 still gives the mouse problem on the sony unless I acpi-off which is really no big deal. The Bilg deal though is it FAILS to recognize the VIA chip based 8237 SATA drive. So its a step backwards, from Build 6.13 which works for me.

    By the way, someone on this forum said "An Untested Backup" is "No Backup". I took that to heart and tested my first Version 7 Build 6.13 backup of my Windows 2000 operating system on the Soyo. The backup failed when I transfered it to reguralr WD ATA- IDE WD drive.

    It tested as "GOOD" with TI image intergity test but it hung 2/3 pf the way through. I came back to the forum and read everything agian and decided to try it again. I did a new image with 5 gigs of stuff on the drive, it compressed nicely to 3.8 at high and restored perfectly. I then copied it to a DVD and tested the DVD again Perfect. Pretty fast too - the DVD restored in 12 minutes.

    Someone else on the forum also said don't use 8 till it works because Back Ups created with Version 7 - won't work on 7. So I am sticking to 7 right now till Acronis gets the SATA problem fixed like they did in Build 6.13

    Thanks Forum - you have been lots of help
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