V6 Install Failed - Offline "Stop Svcs" Issue Too

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by COSMO26, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Oct 21, 2003
    V6 Install Failed - MBAM Conflict FIX

    EDIT: Per V6 Install failure and Shankle's Thread/punta30 post I Uninstalled MBAM Pro and after re-Boot was shocked to see ESS V6 suggesting a Re-Boot.
    MBAM Real-time Protect had been Active and I can't say IF Real-time being "ON" is the Entire issue.
    Re-Boot netted Green circle with "i", Clk'd Don't Remind me about Anti-Theft, and the std. Green Eye is in the (clock area ) System tray with a GREEN CHK that Max Protection is active.
    A Sticky for MBAM (Pro at least)/ESS V6 Upgrade Conflict may be in order.
    Hard to imagine that Just Uninstalling MBAM turned failure into an OK Install without doing anything else!! It remains, though, to know IF MBAM Real-Time being "OFF" allows a Good V6 Install.
    EDIT: Shankle's post about V6 Install failure and Uninstalling MBAM + using Safe Mode ESS Uninstaller is likely my first Fix Approach.
    Will report results.
    The Live V6 Installer failed and I was directed to ESET DnLoad Page.
    The Offline Installer could NOT Stop ? Services and failed.
    Start/All Programs : NO ESET to access Uninstall.

    Am I left with the 500 kb Manual Uninstaller in Safe Mode that "can cause Serious harm to my computer"?

    Instructions seem do-able for this non-expert.
    Any helpful Hints connected with this Uninstall are appreciated.
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