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  1. thumbsup99

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    Jul 20, 2003
    Bradenton, FL
    I have downloaded the Trial Version of the Subject browser only to discover that when I tried to UN-Install it, it went through the motions of an UN-Install and later RE-INSTALLED itself without my ok. After several (at least 5) attempts, I also initiated a DELETE of the remaining files only to discover that they would not allow their deletion. Finally, I re-named the remaining files (that I could find) with a .nul suffix or a "_" character replacing the first or last letter of the file name. Still, there were some files hidden in my directory that kept attempting to RE-Install the software everytime I opened up my EXCEL Program. After I learned of RegEdit, I searched the registry and found more files related to UtilityPro which I either deleted or renamed.

    The problem seems to be gone except that the install wizard continues to open once or twice everytime I open EXCEL which is only a minor inconvenience delaying the opening of the program.

    The main files I found were:

    UtilityPro   Default User:UtilityPro    Default User
    UtilityPro   D1H8N311\My Name:UtilityPro    D1H8N311\My Name

    Could SpyBlaster be set to include this invader?

Thread Status:
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