[Update] Returnil Virtual System 2010 v3.0.6517.4958-REL

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    Sep 18, 2006
    New build available

    Returnil Virtual System 2010
    Build: 3.0.6517.4958-REL


    Home Free: http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/rvs-home-free
    Home Lux: http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/rvs-home-lux

    A/V Definitions:
    * Include latest definitions file in installer, to ensure that computer is protected right after installation, and to speedup the initial scanning
    * Fixed downloading when proxy server is configured with authentication

    Virtual System:
    * Fixed corruption of System Restore points when System Safe is enabled. Third-party backup software will now work only when System Safe is disabled.
    * Fixed lost GUI configuration when user folders reside on non-system disk
    * Warn users before enabling System Safe if there is insufficient free disk space

    * Simplified registration process right after product installation
    * When GUI is password-protected, verify password before new license is requested, to avoid unconfirmed product edition changes
    * Enhanced GUI to simplify password recovery and license recovery (for the editions that support these features)

    * Allow user to see the password reset immediately when it is available
    * Display progress bar when Virtual Disk is mounted/unmounted

    Stability - user's feedback via Microsoft portals:
    * Fixed service crashes when new updates are downloaded incorrectly due to internet connectivity problems
    * Fixed crashes on logoff when some GUI screens are opened

    Thank you to all who sent in feedback
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Thread Status:
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