Update for Microsoft Silverlight 4 (4.0.50826.0)

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    Available via Windows Update Web Site or http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/

    Issues fixed by this update:

    * improves the native extensibility of media stream source that uses the Silverlight technology and the Expression Encoder.

    * enables new Add Row functionality in the Silverlight DataGrid control.

    * enables you to increase the isolated storage size through registry keys or Group Policy settings.

    * improves the startup performance of applications on a computer that enables the Silverlight technology.

    * adds the mouse wheel support for out of browser applications on a computer that is running a Mac operating system.

    * resolves a security issue. Playback of PlayReady-protected content through a remote desktop connection or a terminal session is now disabled.

    * Fixed various memory leaks including:

    Memory leaks that occur when mouse capture is used. For example, memory leaks that occur when you use CaptureMouse() in drag-and-drop scenarios.

    Memory leaks that occur when UserControl cannot be garbage-collected because it contains inline data template.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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