Unexplainable Problem with dsCrypt

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by lemonlime, May 25, 2016.

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    Jul 3, 2009
    I'm forced to encrypt and decrypt the same files with several different versions of Windows.
    I selected dsCrypt because its simplicity allowed me to build scripts around this tiny applet.
    The scripts can enter complex passwords directly into dsCrypt, or open a text editor and
    "Send Keys" so the password is visible, ready to be copied and pasted.

    The scripts are on a few hidden flash drives. They are always seperate from any operating
    system. For added protection, the scripts are also encrypted with simple passwords I can

    Until recently, I've never had a problem with dsCrypt. I cannot explain what's happening.

    When I enter my simple passwords to decrypt the scripts I get "data is invalid." I keep
    several decrypted copies of these scripts in a very remote location. If not for these hidden
    decrypted copies my scripts (and all their complex passwords) would be lost forever!

    I know this problem seems completely impossible. I can hardly believe it myself. The scripts
    create insanely complex passwords that work perfectly with dsCrypt. The simple passwords
    I enter into dsCrypt manually are being rejected as "data is invalid."

    I don't want to use two encryption apps. Unless someone can explain why this is happening,
    I'll be forced to use a different encryption app just for the simple passwords I use to manually
    decrypt my scripts.