unallocated space after migrate OS to SSD

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    Dec 21, 2014
    I used migrate OS to SSD to copy my old smaller SSD to a new larger SSD - it did this fine but left all the newer open space of the new ssd in an unallocated partition with a BDEDrive partition inbetween that and my C boot partition - making it hard to merge for one big C drive drive. See screen shot of disk managemen, t I now have the new SSD as C (disk0) - you can see the 238.18 Gb of space, of C boot spave followed by a 303 MB partition followed by all the rest of the drive space I want. How can I get that unallocated partitition to merge with the C drive boot partition. I am running win7 64 bit. Note the old SSD drive is there as Disk 2 (H).


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    BDE, BitLocker Drive Encryption. BDEDrive is the boot or "Active" partition. If you don´t use BitLocker, you could create the boot information in C:, make it the active partition, check that Windows boots from C: and then delete BDEDrive. I would back up BDEDrive before doing this.

    BDEdrive and bcdboot.exe.

    Another way is to "copy" the boot information to C:. See
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