Truecrypt password entry hijacked

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    Dec 27, 2011
    This is in Ubuntu. Normally when I'm entering the password for a Truecrypt volume, each character appears as a dot in the Truecrypt dialogue box. Sometimes, however, a small box appears in the lower right hand corner of the Gnome screen and it shows the password characters (unmasked) as I type them. When this happens, the characters no longer show in the Truecrypt dialogue box. When I try to put the cursor over the lower right hand corner box, it disappears.
    Does anybody know what's going on here?

    Update: It is an inadvertent touch to the touchpad that causes the keyboard input to switch from the Truecrypt dialogue box to the Gnome lower right hand corner box. So what I was apparently doing is transferring control from Truecrypt to Gnome or some other software that is running. So at least I know what causes the input to switch But, I'm still puzzled by why a mouse (touchpad) click to the Gnome screen directs keyboard input to some keyboard input dialogue box and where this input ultimately goes.
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