Truecrypt issues while using dual boot

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Jim Verard, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Jim Verard

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    Jun 5, 2007
    here's my scenario: :cool:

    I have 2 internal Hard Drives. Both were formatted. Then, I inserted the Windows XP SP3 disk and installed in the first drive, using the entire disk space. After XP was installed, I did the same thing with Vista Ultimate SP1.

    That means I have XP installed in drive C: (the entire 750 GB drive) and Vista on drive D: (also the entire another 750 GB drive).

    After a while I have configured Vista to perform the dual boot thing, showing XP as the first OS listed, and Vista as the second.

    The Truecrypt software was installed in both drives. While using XP, I have performed the instructions described in this guide:

    What I did was simple:

    In my case, I need the highest level of security that Truecrypt can offer me. That means leaving no trace at all in both drives, no way someone could find anything other than random data/garbage. And if I forgot the password, all data will be lost.

    So I decided to encrypt the entire drive.

    Options used (see guide above, specially the images):

    Type of system encryption - Normal
    Encryption of Host Protected Area - Yes
    Number of Operating Systems - Multi-boot

    Following part 2 from the guide, I used the algorithm AES and the hash RIPEMD-160. The password used was beyond 20 characters. Next step, rescue disk. It was created and that's it.

    Third page from the guide, I didn't used the Wipe mode (None/fastest). Next step, the drive was encrypted for the next 6-7 hours, using the processor Q9450/2 GB RAM, and like I said, XP SP3.

    And this is it. The boot loader was showed and worked fine. XP and Vista were working. While using XP, I noticed the D: drive (the Vista drive) was fully acessible. All files were ready to be used...

    Then I decided to reset and test Windows Vista.

    Here's the thing - the C: drive was not showed and considered to be formatted. I did some research and find out that it was necessary to "mount the drive". So I inserted the password again and the contents from C: were acessible.

    I have changed several options from Truecrypt but one damn thing I can't do at all. I want that Vista do not ask me for the password again while Vista is being started. I want the C: drive being fully acessible the minute the D: drive/Vista are ready to be used.

    I tried to disable the options to erase the password, cache, and specially that one related to dismount the drive when user logs off, wipe cached passwords on auto-dismount, etc.

    I used "cache passwords in driver memory", actions to perfom upon log on to Windows - Start Truecrypt/Mount all-device-hosted Truecrypt/favorite volumes, and nothing happened. Disabled "never-save-history from that screen".

    Am I missing something? :doubt:

    Do I really need to insert the original password (from the boot) all over again to read a drive after Vista is loaded? Why Windows/Truecrypt can't do that alone, without asking me?

    I can't even use "Mount" and "Auto-mount" options, even after selecting the second drive. I need to click everytime on the option "Mount without pre-boot authentication".

    Any thoughts? :D
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