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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by GT3, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. GT3

    GT3 Registered Member

    Jan 26, 2006
    For True Image 9.0 and other versions. Scheduled backup problem solution. For Windows XP and other similar operating systems.

    When you first try to setup and run a scheduled backup you may get an error message like: “Scheduled backup did not run. User password missing.”


    To run any scheduled backup, True Image uses the scheduling program provided within Windows XP and other similar operating systems.

    That scheduling program requires the user to have logged into XP using a password of his choice—which is setup by the user in the Control Panel.

    It is important to note that Win XP allows the user to login without using a password. If you don’t use a password, however, running any scheduled event can be a hassle. You can do it with some changes to the Registry but WHY bother?

    In order to run the True Image scheduled backup, you must change the user login setup so that the user is an administrator and HAS a password.

    So do this. Change the user setup in the control panel as described above. Re-boot the computer.

    Start True Image. Then set up the desired scheduled backup.

    When responding to the various screens which pop up, you are shown an archive password screen. Initially, do not set up a password on that screen. This can easily be done later. THAT password screen has nothing at all to do with the other user login password screen which pops up a few screens later,

    Setting up the user/password screen when it pops up a few screens later is easy, your user name will already be posted on this screen and possibly the password you setup within the control panel/user setup as well. But the password shown is sometimes not correct. So delete the password and the password confirmation entries and re-enter the same exact password you used when you set up the user login within the control panel.

    Complete the rest of the scheduling screens within True Images’ scheduled backup system and save the new backup schedule. Then reboot your computer. Start True Image and the backup schedule will run when the specified time arrives. You can also setup a test backup by specifying that the program will run once only. Then schedule the backup to start in a few minutes. Watch the screen and see if it runs or not. If not check for any errors you might have made in data you entered in the user setup or the scheduled back up setup. Then try the test program again, re-setting the startup time for 5 minutes later than the original time you setup This process is not required but it allows you to test the scheduled backup system to be sure it will run. After the test program works OK, then setup your regular daily or weekly backup dates and times and that program should work with no problems

    Under Windows XP with SP2, you can workaround the need for a password two ways. You can edit the XP scheduling program so that a password is not required BUT that opens your computer to hackers so it is not recommended.

    You can also create a user account for a fictitious user you could call Joe Backup. Force that user to login with a password. Then setup a True Image backup using that login name and password. To do this, create the new user and password. Log into that Joe Backup Account. Then setup the true Image scheduled backup within that user account, using that login name and the password you assigned. That will allow you to avoid the need for you to have to setup a password the login to your user name if desired.

    Reference: Page 51.7, Microsoft Windows Inside/Out. Microsoft Press.
  2. TheWeaz

    TheWeaz Registered Member

    Jul 9, 2005
    "You can also create a user account for a fictitious user you could call Joe Backup."

    This is what I had done in the past. IIRC, and maybe somebody can verify this, you could not view the log file entries for the scheduled tasks unless were were logged on as Joe Backup.
    I had created the tasks while logged on as my normal user and had lots of non-terminating TrueImageService task problems. Perhaps if the tasks had been created while logged on as Joe Backup (as suggested) this would not have been an issue.
  3. DeLorean

    DeLorean Registered Member

    Jan 27, 2006
    Try this one :
    putt on the "administrator" useraccount a password per example X

    In normal mode, you don't see the administrator account,
    only in save mode or if there's no other account besides the admin account.
    Xp boot to the desktop if you use 1 useraccount,than fill in Acronis the following :

    Username : administrator
    Password : X

    Acronis will then work fine with scheduled backups.

  4. herojig

    herojig Registered Member

    Sep 19, 2004
    Kathmandu Nepal
    Well, I went with this solution, as I can't find the administrator account on the XP Home laptop, even in safe mode. Trying to create one there gives the error that there already is one!

    I'll let ya know if I have a problem with the log, that's a handy feature and would be a pain to log into the account just to see it.

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