True Image 7 build 613 and 8 build 768

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by slavko, Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. slavko

    slavko Registered Member

    Aug 16, 2004
    Slovenia - Ljubljana
    This is for all those guy's which has a problem with new Acronis pruduct TI 8.

    I am registered user of few Acronis pruduct's and till version 8.0 I was werry happy and satisfied user. But with this new version Acronis made all his customer to cry because TI 8 make so many problem with hardware (SATA and Promise controler) like never before. And what is verry important they do NOT replay to our problem, we was waiting more then one week for showing upgrade in the drop down menu, and finaly also the new build 768 make us crazy because the problem with hardware is still there. I was buy the new version like all other guy's and pay for it. Till today I receive only the automatic response and this is all. This is NOT correct from Acronis side and I and also many other people are werry disappointed. I will look for the new Ghost version 9. I also have company and for me my customer are king's, where I must looking that they receive all posiblle support from my side. Acronis till today DON'T say any of those angry customer " we are sorry you can receive your money back", because the new version don't give us so many new option that we can say version 8.0. Maybe version 7.1 or 7.5 but absolutely not version 8.

    OK now to my research with version 7 and 8:
    The new build 768 is still verry bad and without support for above mentioned hardware. What is also verry importing he make a file with 9.015.855 KB from my first disk. Where are those excluded swap file, because the TI version 7.0 make a file with 9.363.750 KB.

    But now the GOOD NEWS. Because of all those problem wit TI 8, I deinstall this version completely, clean also registry and make a new install of TI 7 BUILD 613. (By installing this build you must say overvrite new driver with the old one when you are asked), and everything working perfect now. I don't have a problem with my SATA disk's, promise controler and ..The second good news is; this build working alsoo FINE and WITHOUT problem with SP2 when I instaled it a few minutes before this writing.

    I hope that I help all those people which are disappointed with new version of TI 8.
    I must say one more time this is VERRY VERRY GREAT DISAPPOINTED for us customer what Acronis support make with us all this day's

    I must sorry if my gramatik is not good but better than I write in my language; nobody will understand.

    Regards from Slovenia
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