Trojan through steam scammer

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  1. vgtablst

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    Sep 5, 2014
    I was messaged by a guy who was looking to trade and sent me this (link with virus, dont click i guess im just posting cause it might help in identifying what kind of harm it might do)


    I didnt realize the disguised link and upon clicking was surprised to see that I was logged out. This was pretty bizarre so before I logged in I did a search on the guy using steam and he wasnt in the results but since steam has one of the most awful search functions ever for user searches I thought browser log in was separate from steam app log in and entered my pass and user on the scamming site. Then I got trojan notices from eset nod32 antivirus, did a smart scan and now its nearly 100% and shows number of infiltrations : 2.

    Now this really worries me as the way "infiltration" sounds its as if someone was actively STILL trying to hack my steam account, which I used my credit card / paypal info on and since that steam account of mine was a regular on the credit card I wont get confirmations from it anymore.

    Would just like to ask some help about what I could do to ensure no more harmful is done to my computer and account, thanks in advance
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    I'd recommend you keep using ESET, do a full scan with it and allow it to clean what it finds. Follow up with a few other scans e.g. with HitmanPro and Malwarebytes, report what happened to the Steam Community Admins and ask their advice.
    Then have a read of this Securing Your PC and Data | Wilders Security Forums and learn as much as you can from these forums.