Trojan Remover vs Kasperksy Internet Suite

Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by asr, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. asr

    asr Registered Member

    Oct 24, 2010
    As usual I appreciate the members insight. I currently have a license for Trojan Remover since 1999. Trojan Remover has always been my on demand scanner. My question to our members:Is Kasperksy Antivirus better at Trojan detection than Kasperksy o_O? Or would one keep botho_O Has anyone have input on this issueo_O? Appreciate you comments:D
  2. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    May 24, 2009
    Run your AV at all times and other security software as and when needed.
  3. jna99

    jna99 Registered Member

    Apr 18, 2012
    Location:, Netherlands
    It can never hurt when you have multiple programs to have second opinions, so to speak.
    I have malwarebytes (pro) in addition to my antivirus program and also hitmanpro as on-demand scan when I feel like that extra scanning is needed.
    no antivirus/antimalware product is 100% secure by itself.
    Maybe your on-demand scanner detects something that kaspersky might have missed. Although I think that kaspersky is quite good and has a huge signature database, but still.

    Only problem might be is when you have multiple solutions in realtime. you have to be careful that the computer doesn't become slow, or worse, have errors, BSODs.
    Set exclusions in each security program for other realtime security programs. that would minimize problems, but they still might occur.

    in short: multiple scans on-demand = ok
    be careful with multiple antivirus/antimalware in realtime.
    check on wilders or other sites you know are good, or your product's support / forum, and see what other people have to say about running more than one security program, especially when all the programs are from different manufacturers.

    In my opinion you should try to keep both. especially if your Trojan Remover is on-demand.
    You can always keep Trojan Remover as second opinion if you want, if not or you don't feel that it is absolutely needed then you can decide not use it, but leave it on your computer is my suggestion.
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