Trojan horse will not delete

Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by pcwebber888, Jul 8, 2004.

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  1. pcwebber888

    pcwebber888 Registered Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    I have my first Trojan horse because my antivirus program update function was not working! How do I get rid of it! o_O I do not know where to find it either. The name of the virus is: Trojan horse Backdoor C:\_RESTORE\TEMP\A0074569.CPY
  2. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Hi pcwebber888, The Trojan is in your restore folder, You need to disable system restore and reboot, then create a new restore point.

    Providing you are running XP
    To close system restore - Start - Control panel - System - System restore then tick the "Turn off system restore for all drives" reboot.
    After reboot re-enable System restore and create a new restore point
  3. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hi there and welcome!
    After done all Pilli adviced, please turn off all other scanners completely temporary (including the resident protection they might have) and scan another time with the fully updated TDS to see if you're really clean!

    Sounds hopeful till now!
    Is your nick related to the nasty infection found?
    If it was only in the system restore, you might not have got really infected, most probably!
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