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    Hi all,

    A couple of days ago, I recognized (through Zone Alarm) that Internet Explorer started to ask for permission to send information to Internet although the program was not running. Also, the desktop icons dissapeard for a few seconds before returing, after I had been using IE (seems like some kind of program starts). Sometimes two or three instances of iexplore.exe was running. At that time I was using the free edition of AntiVir as a AV.

    I did online scanning with several AV. Trend Micro and Norton then discovered a trojan in a .dll file in the system32 folder. Norton calls this trojan "Trojan.Foron" which appeared some day ago. I have now decided to start using Norton again, and downloaded a evaulation copy. Norton took away the "Trojan.Foron" but after that, I now see that the problem still exists, i.e. several instances of iexplore.exe are running in the background although I am not using IE, and when I am using EXPLORER it quite often asks to send information to an IP-address.

    Does anyone of you have a clue to what this is? Does it mean that I have not actually completely removed the Trojan.Foron, or could it be some other reason?

    Anders M
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