Trojan Downloader.SMall.8.F HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by lowKut, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. lowKut

    lowKut Guest

    Highly in need of some assistance here. Got this stubborn Trojan horse on my system for the pass couple of day and cant seems to get rid of it.
    I ran my virus scanner AVG numerous times and it came up saying it can't remove this file from its current destination, it wont even allow me to brows to the location of the Trojan its self.
    the trojan name is: Trojan horse Downloader.Small.8.F
  2. lowKut

    lowKut Guest

    finally after days of hectic scanning, a whole lot of google searches and some creativity thinking I did manage to get this parasite out.
    by the way if anyone want to know how this was done, here it goes

    1- Get the full path of the infected file in this case the trojan horse program write it down.
    2- restart in safe mode
    3- navigate to the infected file and delete it
    3 it was that simple, well for me in this case.

    Thanks any how.
  3. bob 32

    bob 32 Guest

    Thanks, i had the same problem and putting the computer in safe mode worked. Thanks again! Fish~
  4. omega

    omega Registered Member

    Aug 8, 2004
    at present working in the land of the buddha and t
    found the same problem on my machine running win xp professional , i download a lot of files everyday (btw i have an adsl always on broadband connection)and there were some zipped files which were infected with the downloader.small virus which the free edition of avg antivirus could not remove , i took the hard way out and waited while the scanning was on , pinpointed the truant file and then did another isolated scan with avg to confirm the infection , the rest was easy after that .... any thing to comment pls get in touch with me at ~snipped~
    all the best .... regards omega
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  5. Rocknroland

    Rocknroland Guest

    If it is in your System Volume Information folder it's easy to remove it manually.
  6. Zipman

    Zipman Guest

    well here i come to save everyone with this damn thing, ok, first turn off the system restore/reboot/
    then download a program called flashfxp, open it and in the window type in the path ie - C:\Documents and Settings\nice_system\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\CONTENT.IE5\EFDJH353\

    and there you go.. it will list all files in there then you can highlight all the files and hit delete then wow its gone :)

    let others know how easy it is :)

    have a nice day all
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