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  1. I am having a problem when my p/c strats to act up I will run ad-aware and I keep getting tracking data miner I delet it and my p/c is fine for awhile till data miner is back on my p/c
    spywareBlaster will not block it I have three p/cs and having the same problem
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    Nov 22, 2002
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    It is important that you check for & download updates for SpywareBlaster frequently. Are you able to identify the Data Miner? .... for example if it is Red Sheriff, it comes as a Java applet and you would need IE-Spyad to block it. I had two Data Miner's today but they were tracking cookies ... these can be prevented by blocking 3rd party cookies rather than allowing all cookies.
  3. I do have the latest up date for spyware blaster and have my 3rd party cookies blocked what happens is
    is I will be suffing the web when it just dies I go to ad-ware and I find tracking co data miner I delet them and my internet works agin I have the same problem with all three of my p/cs I have never had this problem till tow weeks ago its driving me crazy
    I saved it I will copy and paste it
    obj[0]=File : c:\documents and settings\norm\cookies\norm@fortunecity[1].txt
    obj[1]=File : c:\documents and settings\norm\cookies\norm@findwhat[2].txt
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