To Partition or Not - one more time

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    @Mr.X, @Brian K,
    I don't get it. If I'm directing and saving all data files (docs, music, pictures, videos) onto a partition other than C, shouldn't those original 'user folders' remain empty? If so, why not just let them remain dormant in the C-partition? All that data should be flowing into my 'customized' user folders in the data partition!
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    In the Folders bar on the left of This PC you will see 3D Objects, Desktop, Documents ... Videos. Any data you currently put in those folders goes to the C: drive.

    eg. C:\Users\Scott\Documents

    There is a lot of system data in C:\Users which we leave alone. But when you change the path to D:\Users\Scott\Documents the personal document files no longer go to the OS partition. It goes to the D:\ partition. You don't need to create new folders on the D:\ partition, D:\Users will be created by using the tutorial and will contain the relevant sub-folders. "This PC" will look the same but when you put data in Documents, it goes to D:\Users\Scott\Documents.

    The C: drive will still have C:\Users\Scott\Documents but it will be empty.

    Even your Desktop folder will be in the D:\ partition, etc for all 7 folders.
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