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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by jjbtnc, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. jjbtnc

    jjbtnc Registered Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    sorry if this is a repost i've done searches and found loads of posts about copying over bad sectors and how a workaround is to use imaging and not disk cloning, then use the partition resize.

    I just wanted to get it clear in my head exactly how this is accomplished as the posts i've seen say to use this but not how explicitly or what to expect during the restore steps. Say i have an 80gb drive with 1 partition and with 30gb of data on it. I would make an image of this partition. Then i can format the drive, try some utils to check if these bad sectors are hardware or software (they appeared about a year ago around a time when win crashed a few times, and no more since then) and if the y can be recovered. Then i go through the restore process and at some point i will come to a resize partition window.

    Changing the partition size here will cause TI to dump the bad sectors?

    And it doesn't matter how much i change it - could be down to 78gb or down to 40gb - any change will make TI dump the bad sector info?

    Say i resize to 70gb, when i boot in to windows i will then see 1 partition of 70gb and 10gb of unallocated space.
    I can then either make a new partition with the unallocated space, use the TI workaround to merge it back in to one partition, or use a 3rd party util to merge them in to one?

    Just one thing - when doing the restore that includes the resizing element does it make any difference if i restore the mbr or not?

    The mbr in the image comes from when there was 1 80gb partition so wouldn't restoring that when you are also trying to resize the partition mess things up?

    i.e you resize the part to 70 gb but the mbr thinks there's an 80gb partition?
  2. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    Supposedly any change will do the trick. I think that by changing the partition size parameter it makes Windows dump its record of bad sectors because the partition structure has been changed.

    The MBR doesn't care what size the partition is. If only needs to know which partition contains the OS it is supposed to start.
  3. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
    Hello jjbtnc,

    For instructions on how to resize your partition(s) during a True Image restore, check out the relevant link in the forum sticky titled <Acronis True Image - Product Links, FAQs & Interesting Forum Threads> under the sub-heading "Wilders Security threads on common True Image problems and solutions" > "Resizing Restored Partitions".

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