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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by kdcdq, Jan 7, 2004.

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    Trend Micro Internet Security 11 - Build 1299, Version 11.10 - was released today (1/7/2004). As per Trend Micro's website, here's a summary of this new release:

    " 2.1 Resolved Known Issues (from Previous Versions)

    Certain functions (for example, Personal Firewall, Privacy Data
    Protection) are no longer disabled when installing Trend Micro
    Internet Security on certain environments.

    The "Last Update" information on the "Manual Update" window on the
    main user interface indicates the correct value, even if the user has
    chosen the Windows time zone setting: "Automatically adjust clock for
    daylight saving changes".

    Users who have "Power User" privileges can update the scan engine

    Personal Firewall
    Able to connect to networks by certification of AES/PEAP using a
    wireless network adaptor.

    Using certain kinds of USB wireless network adaptors on Windows Me/98
    will no longer cause errors.

    Using Cisco VPN client on Windows Me/98 will no longer cause errors.

    Support Tool
    The debug log now contains accurate information for the
    "Windows elasped time" data.

    When applying the PCCTool program, it now calls the correct function.

    If the PCCTool program is used to uninstall the Personal Firewall,
    then all the Trend Micro Internet Security programs are restarted,
    including the tmproxy service.

    Internet connectivity
    Access to certain Web sites are not unintentionally blocked when using
    the Webmail Scan, URL Filter or Privacy Data Protection (Web)

    For Windows Me computers, the HTTP throughput functions correctly
    when one or more HTTP features (Webmail Scan, URL Filter, Privacy
    Data Protection on HTTP) are enabled.

    The issue of halt
    The operating system correctly halts when restarting Windows or
    updating a Trend Micro Internet Security program.

    The operating system halts when restarting Windows in MS-DOS mode on
    Windows Me/98."
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