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Discussion in 'ten-forward' started by Mr.Blaze, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. Mr.Blaze

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    Feb 3, 2003
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    :rolleyes: well im tired of saying f the Riaa

    even with all the security on my pc and my ip adress hoping around and crap load of mesures to asure riaa cant snag me or bypassing protected mp3 or other wryd music extentions its just to much

    the whole process is tireing just to get one song

    so i want to go legit

    but how do you pick which monthly subscription is the best

    theres napster theres music net And many others

    theres lots of ones i dont even know

    so if you can guys can you take a look at my music list and look at the songs with no x by the side of them and the music company with the most rare songs on my list im going to subscribe to

    rhe list of songs are frome the tv series show fast lane that use to be on 13 fox

    most of the songs on the list with out an x on the side are rare songs like for example

    BELEKE - Fatai Rolling Dollar
    GIVE UP - Supreme Beings of Leisure

    my goal is to make a fast lane music cd i even got the cover and the sticker for the cd face

    but im missing alot of songs as you can see

    so i need a good company with alot of these songs to subscribe to
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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