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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by NewScience, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. NewScience

    NewScience Registered Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    Hamburg, NY
    Why doesn't then TI 9.0 help file match the version I have. It seems to talk all about Notifications and other Options which do not appear anywhere in my version.

    I do not have the WorkStation version ... but I should not have a help file talking about these features if my version does not have them.

    Plus the help file has a problem dealing with Windows On Top. It always seems to be under the TI 9.0 windows when using multiple windows on the desktop. You have to keep clicking on the taskbar to get it to come to the front.

    Also, if you use help when under boot-up, once you close the help file ... forget it. You cannot get focus back to the main window. You have to reboot.

    Of course, this is when the mouse cannot work ... which is strange since you can use the mouse on the CD version ... but not the boot-up version from hard disk.

    Someone is not loading the mouse.com file when booting from the hard disk.

    It seems to be loaded when using the CD bootable version.

    I was looking in TI help to find how to delete a backup version ... doesn't seem to be any help in that area.
  2. mark3

    mark3 Registered Member

    Apr 10, 2006
    Click Help, About and you will see what version of TI 9 you actually have.

    Where does the Home version talk about WorkStation features?

    You might be experiencing some Windows problems. Run a quick repair of your OS, using system file checker.
    Click Start, Run, type sfc /scannow ,click OK. Insert XP CD when prompted. The program will check for corrupted files and reinstall them but unfortunately it does not provide a report. Reboot.

    Sorry, don't follow this. How can you use Help under boot-up?

    The fact that you can load the mouse under CD version means that you are experiencing conflict in Windows. If the system file checker did not help resolve your problem then you need to run a repair. A good guide to do this, can be found at the following site - http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

    Just highlight the tib file and delete. You will find that it might be too big for the Recycle Bin (depends what size you have it set at). If that is the case, you will be notified and you will need to confirm.

    I have been deleting them without any adverse effects on my following backups or restores.
  3. bral

    bral Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2006

    In the Help file for Acronis True Image Home, go to Getting started -> Options. There are three "books": Setting up the appearance, Notifications, Event tracing.

    Those three settings certainly seem to belong to True Image Workstation.
  4. NewScience

    NewScience Registered Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    Hamburg, NY

    Thanks. One less thing to explain.

    The remainder:

    Help file on top:
    If you open Help, then return to the main TI window, then use the taskbar to get Help On Top, the help window underneath flashes, but nothing happens. You have to keep clicking on Help on the Taskbar to eventually get it to come to top. This happens on multiple, different systems ... all Windows XP ... fully patched. It takes about 3 clicks.
    First flashes, second minimizes, third brings forward to top.

    Help under boot-up:
    If you reboot your system into TI, select help, close help ... you lose control of TI. This ONLY happens if you are using the Alt-keys when not using the mouse. The only solution is to reboot.

    This is also apparent in Disk Director.

    Mouse Support problem:
    Error on my part. TI has no problems with the mouse ... in any version (from bootable CD, reboot on hard disk, or from Windows XP).

    This is a problem dealing with Disk Director - all versions (except using from Windows XP).

    Deleting Backup:
    This only works if you have a .tib file. What about making full backup in Acronis Secure Zone. There is no option to delete image file that I can see. The only solution is to remove the Acronis Secure Zone and recreate it. And there is a bug in that, too.
  5. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello NewScience,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    We are sorry for the delay with the response.

    This issue has been forwarded to our Development Team. It will certainly be fixed in the future builds\versions of a particular product, but exact time frame for this is not decided yet. Please accept our apologies for the current inconvenience.

    Actually, there is a way to turn back into the main program window. In order to exit Acronis True Image or Acronis Disk Director Suite Help in Acronis Rescue Environment without using the mouse you should press the "context menu button" on your keyboard (see the screen shot below) and choose "Exit".

    First of all, please make sure that you use the latest build (2117) of Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 which is available at: http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/support/updates/

    You can find the full version name and build number by going to Help -> About... menu in the main program window.

    To get access to updates you should create an account at:
    then log in and use your serial number to register your software.

    Please create new Bootable Rescue CD after installing the update, boot your PC from this CD and see if the problem still persists.

    If the problem still persists with Bootable Rescue CD created using the latest build (2117) of Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 then please try booting with "usbmouse=off" parameter as it is described in Acronis Help Post (use "usbmouse=off" instead of "acpi=off noapic").

    If that does not help you and use a non-USB keyboard then please also try disabling USB Legasy Support option in the BIOS settings.

    If that does not help as well then please create Linux system information (sysinfo.txt file) as it is described in Acronis Help Post.

    Please note that sometimes the sysinfo.txt file is not readable from under Windows. In this case please try entering the file name using capital letters (SYSINFO.TXT) or follow the instructions provided in this previous post of mine.

    If you do not have a floppy drive then please take a look at this previous post of mine explaining how to save the sysinfo.txt file to USB flash drive.

    Please also let us know the exact vendor, model and connection type of your mouse.

    Please submit a request for technical support. Provide the files and information collected in your request along with the step-by-step description of the actions taken before the problem appears and the link to this thread. We will investigate the problem and try to provide you with the most suitable solution as soon as possible.

    Please be aware that as it is pointed out in section 3.3 of Acronis True Image 9.0 Home User's Guide backups saved to Acronis Secure Zone are deleted automatically if required. Acronis True Image uses the following scheme to clean up Acronis Secure Zone:

    - If there is not enough free space in the zone to create a backup, then Acronis True Image deletes the oldest full backup with all subsequent incremental/differential backups;

    - If there is only one full backup (with subsequent incremental/differential backups) left and a full backup is in progress, then the old full backup and incremental/differential backups are deleted;

    - Otherwise, (only one full backup left, and an incremental/differential backup is in progress) you will get a message about space error. In that case you will have to either re-create the full backup or increase the Acronis Secure Zone.

    You can always check how much free space is left in the zone on the second page of the Manage Acronis Secure Zone wizard.

    Thank you.
    Alexey Popov

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