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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v3 Beta Forum' started by raven211, Sep 22, 2007.

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    May 4, 2005
    1. When you run scans in the background, the text for those scans (information of different kind) is so 'tight' that you could almost take it for one single text line. ** See first screenshot! **

    By simply making the window, only a little wider (something that I don't think would irritate for that part either) and effectively replacing the text - it would look so much better and make it much easier to read. ** See second, edited screenshot! **

    Another idea would be to also make the "bring to foreground"-option a button, to make it more clearly separate from the rest of the "information". (Looks awesome too! ;))

    Now, this section can always get better, but that type of reorganizing would still be a great improvement. :)

    EDIT: I saw that when you've it in a new window, the text changes to "Move to background" - so it would simply be replaced with the "To background"-button found in the separate, new window. ** See what it looks like in the third screenshot! This is obviously the same spot as for the "To 'fore'ground"-button in my second idea. **

    2. ** See fourth screenshot! ** - Why can't you simply add a "To background"-button right-here? Reason I'm asking? You see.. "New scan" doesn't say "Move to background" - it says "New scan". What I mean? It isn't self-explanatory that you take the scan to the background by clicking it, that that's the option. Can you tell me how hard it is to put it there anyway? o_O

    3. Can't you set your shiny, much more great looking icon (** See attached image! **) in the system-tray, main-window-bar up to the left (Same as tray-icon, currently), etc., etc.? It would be awesome! :D

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