Threat detected on website_contact webmaster or not?

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by phkhgh, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Aug 17, 2007
    When your AV detects & stops some infection on a given site, should you take the risk of contacting that site's admin by email or...
    Depending on the site, is that taking more risk, by possibly getting infected email back, etc? (Yes, I have scan email enabled, but nothing's 100%). Or perhaps report the site as infected... somewhere??

    Today, KIS detected a trojan on what I gather is a pretty well known privacy info site. I won't list the site - someone might try visit it, unless you have the knowledge to deal w/ it. In that case, PM me. I sent the site to kaspersky labs - confirmed the particular page had an infection.

    I included question to Kaspersky whether it's a good idea to contact a well known site that they have an infection - but no reply to that. As for their forum, let me say they're, uh, real, uh, nice mods. Yeah, that's the word - nice.
    Can't be 100% sure, but doubt the infected site's intentionally hosting infections. In web search, really didn't find anything about users getting infected BY the site. There are lots of articles HOSTED on the site about various infections that could compromise privacy.

    Searching web, only contact I could find was submission form.
    I went to their main page - no malware detected. When filled in "contact us" form & tried submitting, KIS detected SAME trojan. Gave up on that.

    Not sure if Mozilla has address to report infected sites to, or somewhere else. I hate to see other people get infected, esp. since it's not a sleazy site.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
Thread Status:
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