Thirsty For Single MBR Protection

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by EASTER, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Most modern computers are set up to protect this most critical area that if infected or manipulated against your will could render your PC unbootable and at worse even corrupt the partition like Peter2150's KillDisk is proven in his tests, and now mine.

    Loading a rootkit is one matter which is bad enough, but a DESTRUCTIVE intervention from the likes of KillDisk Trojan and others could prove either fatal or cost you extra time and effort you didn't bargain for to make things functional again.

    My question reaches into the past but might have implications for the future of protecting this vital, small, but important section of our machine's system.

    Short of a Returnil or some other app that does other functions as well as protect the MBR, do you think it's so beyond the reach of any developer to draw up an app that need ONLY addresse and protect our MBR from those type destructive viruses in a similar way that the old app SAMURAI hardens the O/S including prevention of loading drivers or accessing Physical Memory.

    I've tested SAMURAI's ability to absolutely SHIELD against deep-level accessing the Physical Memory/Loading Drivers and this can be proved out by trying to run IceSword or another deep analysis app that depends on a specially crafted driver of theirs to reveal hidden intrusion files/drivers etc. after applying SAMURAI'S "prevent rootkit installs" (Unfortunately it also blocks USB Devices at the same time) which can be a good measure of protection for some.
Thread Status:
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