There has been an error enabling the pre-boot screen

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Recently, I have been having two problems with FDISR, the old version.

    When I create a new snapshot I get the error message:

    There has been an error enabling the pre-boot screen

    This only occurs after the Snapshot has finished being created. It has happened several times now.

    The log gives me this bizarre message:

    2/9/2015 13:59 1032 Copying snapshot "Active" to "Copy of Active"
    2/9/2015 16:42 1034 Copied 31.13 Gb [128528 files, 27419 dirs]; 2 hours 42 minutes
    2/9/2015 16:42 0084 XO/Win2K Bootstrap replaced with Vista's
    2/9/2015 16:42 8083 Pre-boot Error

    I have XP not Vista.

    Also, none of the data has been anchored. The copy of the snapshot is exactly the same size as the active snapshot.

    I have removed the copy snapshot and reinstalled the software, but the problem is still there when I make another copy.

    Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

    Phil King