The Stuxnet worm

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by John Bull, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    I am so grateful to Peter2150 for his understanding and my privilege to post this thread
    It is a topical subject that I personally would appreciate the magnificent potential of this Wilders most responsible members to comment upon.

    Various Iranian agencies have now acknowledged the worm's presence, even though (as you might expect) they provided little detail about particular targets or defenses. The Mehr News Agency based in Tehran ran a story with headline, "Iran Successfully Battling Cyber Attack."

    One interesting thing to note is that Mehr described the worm as "designed to transfer data about production lines from our industrial plants to (locations) outside of the country." International security researchers went quite a bit farther, noting that what made Stuxnet special was its ability to control industrial systems, not just snoop on them.

    "It is a very big project, it is very well planned and very well funded," he said. "It has an incredible amount of code just to infect those machines " stated Ralph Langner, an industrial computer expert in an analysis he published on the web.

    "This is not some hacker sitting in the basement of his parents' house. To me, it seems that the resources needed to stage this attack point to a nation state," he wrote.

    A spokesperson for Siemens, the maker of the targeted systems, said it would not comment on "speculations about the target of the virus".

    I never imagined that the CIA and US Military or little old Israel had it in them !
    Well you`ve got to admit, it is better than getting hundreds of soldiers killed and crippled on both sides in some poinless military action. Like some TV show, the designers of this passive destructive weapon can just sit back and enjoy the results.

    Next victim of John Doe and his covert gang of mischief makers ? North Korea ?

    Over to you. We can all play this game, but rendering a countries computer network makes that country sterile and impotent - the whole country from economy to military might becomes utterly stagnant and helpless.

    Conclusion ? END GAME, economic disaster, coupled with social and military stagnation.

    This cyber strategic weapon does of course have an astronomic cost and a huge technical and scientific capability. Only nations with that kind of resource would be able to field a team to play this Armageddon game.

    Life on Earth ? Nah, not due to the death of the Sun, meteorites, plagues, nuclear Holocausts etc. - just a simple means of decimating the Global computer networks- that will be END GAME for human Life on Earth in no time at all. The good side - it will not affect the geological and animal assets of our Planet one jot !
  2. Cudni

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    May 24, 2009
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