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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by Shawn O'Brien, Feb 11, 2005.

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    You will need the following Items to download for this solution to work.!
    1)A Ace opening program such as winace Here
    2)Hijack This which you can download Here
    3)Registry control which you can download Here
    4)And Finally The Ad-Aware Free Edition Which you can download Here On this one you got to click download now:p

    Ok now for the Solution!!!
    Ok reboot your computer in safe mode with networking. To enter safe mode window when its starting up press F8 repeatedly until you get the screen. Scroll to safe mode with networking. Once your computer loads up you first wanna run Ad-Aware. Once thats done delete the entries. Now Load Hijack This and Delete Any entries starting with BHO. Next Open registrycontrol press program ID so you see the unkown program ID at top. Scroll down to the bottom and work your way up the program IDS until you get to HomeSearchAssistant(or any varaint of Home/Search/Assistent because it changes)Now what you want to do is look into the filepath and track the file down on your system once you find it move it to your desktop. Run Ad-Aware Again and delete the entries. Restart In safe mode again and delete the file you put on the desktop.Run Ad-Aware a 3rd time delete the entries and run Hijack this and delete the BHOs again. Ok Now open internet explorer in safe mode go to tools/internet options/ and set your homepage back to google or msn or whatever.Once i find a IE explorer settings reseter ill post immediatly.!
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    Feb 11, 2005
    Errr My bad sorry for double posting i used my real name :() my accident lol. This is my username it was my first time posting got confused
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