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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by sir_carew, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. sir_carew

    sir_carew Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Hi to all fans and user of the excellent NOD32 AV System,
    I know the new features of NOD32 build 8:
    a new program component upgrade (PCU) 2.000.8 is going to be released (for all language versions).

    Here are the changes for the PCU 2.000.7:

    (this PCU was released just for the new Italian and Portugal version and these changes are included also in the new PCU 2.000.8 - described below) :

    - Notification that a restart is needed (not only messagebox, but also a mail to the dedicated person)

    - Mirror - new feature (Administrator version only) - Admin has to permit the program component upgrade for the clients updating from the mirror :

       It works this way: If there is a PCU released - it's downloaded to the local disk (on the Mirror machine) and Admin    receives a mail about it. There is a new button "Upgrade components" in the Mirror section. The real PCU update of the clients is performed (if available) after clicking on that button (e.g by an admin). The equivalent components    (also the ones from the older PCU) have to be included in the Mirror - otherwise they will be copied also without permission (so that the Mirror is always complete and contain all PCU's)

    - IMON - new feature - adding name of the infiltation to the subject of the infected e-mail (optional) (IMON->Setup->MOdify the subject of infected e-mail with the string:)

    PCU 2.000.8:


    - Fixed the the Windows NT4 SP6 slowdown problem

    - Added the Packet-worm scanner (Internet filter) - should be able to prevent from attacts of type: CodeRed, SQLSlammer,Lovsan/Nachi - blocks the packets that wants to take control over computer (It's activity can be monitored by logging the intrusion attempts: Imon->Setup->Advanced Setup->Internet filter->Log intrusion attempts to the virus log)

    - If an infected e-mail is received, a silmilar entry is written to the e-mail header:

    "X-NOD32Result: Infected, Win32/ worm"

    this can be used for a kind of automatic handling of the message.

    - Added the "Exclude" function (in IMON) - the compatibility problems with some software can be solved immediately.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: (it is not recommended to use it for the wide-spread - e.g. the Microsoft (MS) products-especially on those that act as a Server - Example: if MS SQL Server would be excluded - there is no chance to detect the SQL/SQLSlammer)(IMON->Setup-> Advanced Setup->"Edit" in the Exclusion section)


    - Archives module (part of the virus scanning engine): will be updated whithin about a minute after it's update and not after restart as before.

    - On the computers that are setup to update from the Eset update servers: The default update server will be changed to <Choose automatically> to distribute the load between the update servers.

    - On the computers that are not setup to update from the Eset update servers (e.g. from a Mirror Server) : The default update server will be not changed - it remains the same before to prevent updating problems


    On Windows 2000 and newer Operating systems (Windows XP/ 2003/ ....): if the NOD32 Kernel Service (nod32krn) falls (when an error message "Error occured during communication with NOD 32 Kernel Service" appears) - the service restarts itself automatically.


    Fixed the shutdown problem on the Windows 95/ 98/ ME Operating Systems


    The installation settings (e. g. the infiltration information appended to the mail can be switched on/off)

    CONFIGURATION EDITOR (Administration version only)

    - If there is any change applied in the file - an "*" is added to the title in the Application window

    - Read only mode: can be run from the commandline (e.g. c:\Program Files\ESET\cfgedit.exe /readonly)

    - The folowing new features can be changed via the Configuration Editor

    IMON/Settings/Log intrusion attempts to the virus log (For the Packet Worm Scanner)

    IMON/Settings/Automatically detect changes in network configuration and repair necessary settings

    IMON/Settings/Enable modifying infected emails subject


    Mirror/Settings/Require permission to perform program component upgrade


    - Setup: the "Setup of Automatic Update" dialog requiring entering the username/password from the user is not displayed - the evaluation user is getting the virus database updates during the evaluation period (30 days) for free.

    Best regards
  2. alkanida

    alkanida Guest

    Is it available in french ??
  3. sir_carew

    sir_carew Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Yes, the new build 8 include all of the features of earlies builds like 7, and the build 8 is available for all of the NOD32 languajes. For the moment is only available for the registered version. Trial and the commercial version downloaded from the ESET site will available shortly.
    Best Regards.
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