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    TeamViewer is completely free for private use.

    Changes in TeamViewer 6.0:

    * When you create your individual Custom QuickSupport, enter your partner list data. As soon as your customer starts QuickSupport, it appears in your partner list, and you can reach it directly with a single click – without having to exchange an ID and password via telephone or e-mail.
    * Position a personal disclaimer in QuickSupport to be legally on the safe side.
    * Now, you can define the password security yourself.
    * You also have the option of exchanging chat messages via QuickSupport and before establishing your TeamViewer connection, even if your customer does not have a partner list account.
    All new: QuickJoin

    * The new QuickJoin module is ideal for online presentations or meetings. With the invitation function, you can now send the session data to your participants ahead of the session. The participants now connect with you via the Windows application and not the other way around. This saves you from entering the data of every single one of your participants. As the presenter, you also determine the time at which the participants can see your application windows, even if they have already established a connection.

    * With QuickJoin, all the important functions for online presentations, such as VoIP, video, whiteboard and chat, are available.
    Individualized: The Host Module

    * Adjust the TeamViewer Host Module completely on an individual basis according to your needs. Similar to the Custom QuickSupport, you can now also design the Host Module with your logo and your text. You can create both modules in the download area according to your needs.

    Additional Improved and New Functions
    * Optimized performance: TeamViewer connections are now even faster and more stable - particularly to and between company networks.
    * More user-friendly design: Navigate even faster and more easily! The new clear division between the remote maintenance and presentation modes is more user-friendly and convincing with its refreshing design.
    * Automatic: Now, TeamViewer re-establishes the connection automatically after a remote reboot or an update.
    * New language version: TeamViewer is now also available in Chinese. Overall, TeamViewer is now available in 19 languages. Additional language versions will follow.
    * More secure: You can protect the TeamViewer options with a password.


    Download:- --
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