TDS3 Tryout Program Shuts OFF Puter

Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by Greg1951, Aug 14, 2004.

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  1. Greg1951

    Greg1951 Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2003
    I am having a masive hacker problem. I have made a statment, and taken a stance against all criminals, and hackers, and made my sentiments known, and they seem to have made it thier stance to make our computer lives miserable as they can. I get no sooner online, then I get hacked. It sometimes is a matter of minutes, sometimes, it is a matter of weeks. I have used all kinds of programs, the funniest one for me, was the 4-5 months that I used BlackIce in conjunction with ClearIce and reported the whole lot that I spotted in my logs to thier ISP's, apparently I did some good, as after reporting one person, who I feel is thier sleazy ringleader, to his ISP in Colorado, he hacked my files 3 times a day for 8 days in a row.
    So now, I am back to wanting to stop them permanantly. I want to get a program that will work, and a place where I can go that I can get help, that they cannot manipulate to thier will. I have been to other forums, and found that they have infiltrated it before, and turned others in them against us. Only once , but still, this is childish on thier part, and I am fed up with thier games. This is a business computer, and we are tired of playing with them. This has been going on for the past year and a half. Most of the problems had been my being part of a gaming website that most of them where members of. I have since stopped going there, but they are still hacking and harrasing us. I am here to get help. You are my first contact in this endeavour. These people have gone so far as to manuever our email lists, hack into our customer database and ruin most of our online business. They have about slowed our Ebay business to my only being able to sell 10-15 items a week, because of the hassles and sillyness. The things they do are varied, and seemingly endless. But I assure you , that they will not prevail. I ask for your suggestions. I am a medium computer savvy person, and a lot of this TDS 3 is over my head, but I am willing to learn. Be aware that they where able to defeat both Symantec, and BlackIce. Also my Linksys Firewall/Router (BEFSX41) is not much stopping power to them either. I have Zero'ed our hardrives so many times that it is a wonder that they still work. At one point, the only thing that kept them out , was getting a new Hardrive and Motherboard. Lately, I have tried to run the TDS3 and it gets as far as C:/windows/Explorer.Exe and the computer stops and reboots. NOTE< I am going to reboot, I have tried to submit this request and it has not done anything but give me an error message that either the page is empty or the times out message. This is wierd, as I am able to go to my email pages, or anywhere else that has nother to do with Trojan help pages or Virus scanning pages, Please advise. I am beggining to wonder if they are not hooked into the phone lines somehow here.
  2. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hi there, welcome back.
    You've done quite some cleansing before, did you ever send Gavin the setup.exe file he asked for in the other thread?

    You had a 30 days trial TDS in May, which is almost 90 days ago now.
    You should clean out, protect much better, change all passwords and maybe even some email addresses.
    We have real firewall experts in the firewalls forums here, to work additionally to your router. I suppose your router has a build-in firewall too?

    You should after being clean get yourself ProcessGuard, which protects your processes from being modified and terminated.
    Further it's time for the registered TDS version. This will also block illigal/suspicious processes from executing. Make sure you get the latest download from
    You will like to add WormGuard to block other filetypes and warn you for them.
    Port Explorer to see all your connections to internet with the ability to block or kill them or gather proof via the socket spy, in addition to your firewall logs.
    In your case with sensitive information i would most certainly recommend to get yourself CryptoSuite to encrypt your info and store it in hidden ways.

    TDS itself should not stop your computer, maybe your hackers added some files for you.
    Are you able to get to an online anti-virus scanner?
    Spybot S&D?
    You'll have to protect yourself from illigal intrusions before you can really clean out everything.
    If you have a permanent IP address you might like to ask your ISP for another one/series.

    Also have a look at your HOSTS file; if you don't trust it just rename it temporary.
    Part could be we ask you for a fresh HJT log like before.
    Hmmm.. rethinking, might be good if you post that anyway (get the latest HJT version 1.98.2 if you can) so we can see if there is anything more the matter.
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