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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by dirigo, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. dirigo

    dirigo Registered Member

    Feb 4, 2005
    Howdy ... please ignore this question as I think I now understand a wee bit better how plugins are managed ... in otherwords, plugins seemed to have been "loaded" from the td3 server already incorporated in td3 software. Then, I as a user, can initiate a specific plugin, one by one.

    Learning as I go ... :D


    Hello everyone - newbie to TDS 3 here.

    Today I downloaded the TDS 3 trial evaluation software and have been playing with it to better understand what I can do and can't do.

    One of the items that I read about is Plugins. I'm not sure what specific plugins are available, but the Help content pointed me to an URL where I could find plugins. Alas though, I got a message that said the page essentially was no good, i.e., couldn't find it, soooooo ...

    If someone would be kind enough to point me into the direction where I can find TDS 3 plugins I would be most appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
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  3. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    A little bit more info:

    The plugins are in your TDS-3 directory, sub-dir Ext.Plug
    The list:

    If you want to load them,
    then in TDS-3 > Configuration > Startup
    then put a checkmark in the box "Load Plugins"

    In the main-bar of TDS-3 you see the menu Plugins.
    From there you can use them if you like.
    Screenshot of that menu follows.

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  4. dirigo

    dirigo Registered Member

    Feb 4, 2005
    Howdy Pilli and FanJ,

    Thanks for the additional info re: TDS. I checked the Load Plugins box and now have them loaded each time TDS-3 Professional fires up.

    Is TDS-3 meant to be running all the time in the background? I haven't been running it like that as I have only had occassional time to examine its capabilities, but ... this morning I happen to leave it running while doing other things and noticed the following displayed text when I returned to the TDS-3 Console:

    "09:36:31 [TDS] Good morning Server.
    09:38:29 [Mutex Memory Scan] Started...
    09:38:32 [Mutex Memory Scan] Finished (no trojan mutexes found).
    09:38:32 [TDS-3] This is an EVALUATION demo of TDS-3. Please see the help file for help on registering.
    10:02:29 [TDS] Good morning Server."

    Note the two (2) "Good morning Server." messages. Is this message normally displayed at periodic times through out the day/night that TDS-3 Professional is running? Thus, indicating a periodic poll of the Server located back at homebase, so to speak? Or am I all wet here? Well, I leave it running for a while longer and see if another such message appears.

    Again, thanks for the info and explanations to you both.
  5. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi Dirigo,

    As for your note 2, about the so-called Friendly Greetings:

    You can set this up in:
    In TDS-3 > Configuration > Options and then the right column.
    See my screenshot.
    You can choose to enable/disable the Friendly Greetings, and if enabled : by which Friendly Greeting ;)
    I suppose that you have set it at "Let TDS guess".
    As you see in my screenshot I myself have set it at Specified: Jan (=my real name).

    So I just got this:

    17:12:05 [TDS] Good evening Jan. Time to stop working!

    I hope this helps.
    Cheers, Jan.

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  6. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    As for your question "Is TDS-3 meant to be running all the time in the background?".

    That is completely your own choice.
    It is all about how you want to use TDS-3 :)
    Using TDS-3 as resident AT: yes, leave it always on, except for example when you let your AV do a full system scan; your choice.
    Using TDS-3 as on-demand scanner (for a full system scan): then you might want to start it only for such a scan and of course for other different tasks (updating of course is one of them).

    You can do so many things with TDS-3 !!!
    There is even a coke-machine; but I leave that up to Jooske :)
  7. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Due to the very interesting scripting part people can add their own needs as far as their scripting skills can bring them.
    See Andreas' amazing Screx scripts for instance (in TDS Private forum some new additions), it reads SS3, javascript, VBS among others, it uses the msagent technology including the SAPI4 speech technology, so you can turn TDS into a talking and singing tool, jukebox and more. And as what it's originally designed for: a very fine security tool, also with lots of network functions. For that part some scripts are worked on in the Private forum too.
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