Tauscan definitions: 07 December 2004

Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by FanJ, Dec 13, 2004.

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    I promised Nick a little thread about this Update Alert :

    - quote -
    Latest Trojan database: 07 December 2004
    Known Trojans including modifications and variants: 5319
    Please note we may have missed this update
    - end quote -

    Oops, sorry Nick my dear friend for taking it all a bit longer :oops:

    Yes, I think you are correct about this update: see my screenshot from my Tauscan.
    Indeed : my Tauscan shows as latest database update at this moment 7-Dec-2004.
    I don't know why I got this one today while the date shows 7-Dec-2004.
    Usually I check my scanners at least once a day (when I'm at home, and have and make an internet-connection).
    Maybe Augnitum made a little error; I don't know....

    Yep, you are correct Nick: the previous database update was from 1-Dec-2004.
    At least that is what the report from my file-integrity-checker NISFileCheck is showing:
    Application: c:\<snip>\default.tdb
    Status: Changed
    Version old: N/A
    Version new: N/A
    Size old: 365081
    Size new: 365567
    Date old: 2004-12-01 14:10:50
    Date new: 2004-12-13 20:51:00

    Darn, I did run the updater again and that seemed to have caused that I've lost the info about which Trojan-definitions were added :oops:

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