TaskInfo Beta 08-Jan-2005

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    TaskInfo Beta 08-Jan-2005



    We desided to drop 2003 and so on from TaskInfo Name. So It is called simply "TaskInfo" now.
    Add More friendly Messages about problems with installing and opening TaskInfo driver.
    Correct BUG. "Can not open Tsknf600.sys" Message on some 2K/XP systems.
    Correct BUG. TaskInfo Hang when showing modules or thread information for some processes.
    Correct BUG. Incorrect display of process priority level "ANorm+1".
    Correct BUG. Incorrect processes sorting by Start Time.
    Correct BUG. Taskinfo doesn't remember the window position correctly when exiting if the window is placed on the second monitor on dual monitor system.
    Correct BUG. Truncated column in "thread" pane.
    Correct BUG in showing DLL full path. Forget to clean \??\ and \SystemRoot\

    ---end quotes---

    Since this is a Beta, I decided to put it here instead of the Update-forum-section.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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