System disk imaging to and restoring from rental disk

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by chrizio, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. chrizio

    chrizio Guest


    Thanks all for answers to my previous question (some other thread).

    Now I have concrete problem.
    My new disk has been qualified by the manufacturer to exchange
    (due to missing silent parking).
    The system and applications are however installed on it.

    The problem is that exchanging the failure disk with a new one
    should be done through my shop. He doesn't provide any
    rental disk.
    I have first to give out my failure disk, after that he will give
    my the exchange.
    So I have for one day to save image of this disk on temporary one
    I have rent from friend. No disk cloning is possible.
    The rental disk I received for about a week and that has
    half capacity of my failure/exchange disk.

    Bootable TI has been created.

    What is the procedure exactly ?
    - Booting the my windows independent TI 9.0 Home
    - Imaging failure disk to temporary one, partition by partition
    or logical disk by logical disk ?
    - Data erasing
    - Removing failure disk
    - Going to shop and get the new one
    - Installing exchange disk
    - Reproducing original disk from image (TI runs from bootable CD)

    Following questions are focused on usage of TI 9.0 Home.
    Am I missing anything in this procedure ?
    Should I plan any problems, special steps, measures ?

    Thanks for any hints in advance.
  2. bVolk

    bVolk Registered Member

    Dec 22, 2005

    If your original drive is still working, you could also create it's image from Windows, but I would suggest you create (and later restore) an entire disk image (the checkbox next to Disk 1 ticked on both operations).

    It's important that you validate the image stored on the temporary drive from the Rescue CD before you remove the original HD.
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  3. chrizio

    chrizio Guest

    I thought this as well, I can image the original disk from running Windows cause
    only restoring the system from image requires bootable TI.
    That's right, I have to image entire physical disk.
    What does your <Disk 1> mean ? The physical or logical one ?

    Do you mean, the bootable TI has an option to image and restore
    entire physical disk ?

    That's very good hint about disk validation.
    How do I do it ? Are any instructions in TI help present to this topic ?
    If not please give me some explanation.
  4. bVolk

    bVolk Registered Member

    Dec 22, 2005
    Hi chrizio,

    An entire disk image is when it comprises all the partitions on the physical drive. In the Backup wizard you should select disk/partitions imaging and where you have to select what to include in the image you will see the option Disk 1 at the top and all the partitions beneath it. Select Disk 1 and all the partitions will autoselect. This can be done both from Windows or from the Rescue CD.

    The validation of the image is imperative. You invoke Validate from the main menu and select the image file. If the image has been split into several files (it may happen when you use an external drive to store the image to) you select anyone (just one) of the files that make the whole image to validate (the same later to restore). TI will know they belong toghether and will process them all.

    After you validate the image from the Rescue CD invoke also Recovery and go through the first few steps of that wizard to verify that the image will be accepted for restore as well. Then click on Cancel, retrieve the Rescue CD and exit the Linux TI to reboot into Windows without performing the restore yet.
  5. chrizio

    chrizio Guest

    Thanks for all your support.
    It's already about a week I run the exchange disk.

    All went well. Validation made in imaging and restore phase.
    Without any errors.

    The ASZ partition I have imaged as well, cause there
    is placed backup some my old disk. Not that one have being
    exchanged recently.
    I can however see now that the partition of ASZ does not
    contain I expect. Restored ASZ doesn't include image
    of my documents partition.
    Secondly if I want to validate/verify any of my images on ASZ
    TI is offering me to validate whole ASZ.
    But I get no chance to validate a single image from all images
    placed on ASZ.

    Maybe you know the reason.

    It seems I had restore the ASZ partition once again.
    But I'm not sure I have a guarantee, this time will work it correct.
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