SysRestore Pro (GiveAway)

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by clubhouse, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    Jul 8, 2006
    Problem with this type of software is the risk of losing your last stand.

    When CTM came some noise was made due to CRM trashing some PC's of unlucky freeriders.

    So I developed the habit when testing this type of software to make an image backup with paragon + rescue disk, uninstall paragon, then try the new snapshot software.

    CTM once trashed my MBR so bad, I could not boot (post bios would hang), I had to disconnect the sata drive, change boot sequence and boot using a borrowed 'snap in drive' (it is a device which allows hot swap of complete disk drive) and set back the paragon image. Next version of CTM worked flawlessly, so mileage may vary

    The 22th I will be getting the second hand SSD drive, will move OS to SSD and install Systore Free, will report back
  2. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    May 17, 2012
    Dearest melih can take as long as he wishes with CTM as i will not install it again.
    Its a great program until you decide to uninstall it..a replacement MBR would be a useful add on in that respect.
    I dare not attempt it again but the very best of luck to others who wish to do so.:D
  3. Tried it on a Win7 Ultimate x32 on SSD ==> Boot failure ==> Recovery Disk & Re-image ==> don't try this at home :thumbd:
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