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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by xAustinx, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. xAustinx

    xAustinx Guest

    I went into start>run>typed ms config> startup tab and i found a process called khooker. Is this a harmless process or is it malicious. I once had a keystroke logger on the pc called "spy anytime pc spy" or something like that. I used aol spyware protection and it said it quarenteened it i then made sure it was deleted completely from the quarenteen list. Is this thing I have found anything to do with it? What sort of action do you suggest I take, remove it from the startup list or something? I have ran numerous scans with aol psyware protection and adaware se personal, they have found nothing. I even ran an alternate data stream scan to make sure. Help would be very much appretiated.

    Thanks Austin.

    ps. Sorry if this is in the wrong part, I wasnt sure where it was meant to go sorry.
  2. dog

    dog Guest

    Khooker is ok it's apart of graphics card control utility/driver set. ;)

    HTH, ;)

    dog - *puppy*
  3. xAustinx

    xAustinx Guest

    Thanks very much for that help. I was really worried about it. I have become really paranoid about siallers and keystroke loggers etc. One more thing ould anyone tell me how i can improve my security becuase its a little limited at the moment, I currently have:

    Aol spyware protection software
    Zonealarm firewall (free version)
    Spyware blaster
    spyware guard
    e-trust anti virus
    adaware s personal

    any suggestions?


  4. dog

    dog Guest

    If you worried about KeyLoggers ... the best Utility to detect and remove them is SpyCop --> ... you can trial it ... the trial scans only random files and is provided to ensure system compatibility before purchase. It's $49.95 to buy.

    As for your list of apps ... I'd add Spybot (freeware) --> & and there are a couple of freeware Anti-Trojans available - Ewido - & A Squared -

    dog - *puppy*
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