Successful IDE to SATA clone using TI 10

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by dmj99, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. dmj99

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    Jun 12, 2006
    With all the problems I've read about in cloning an IDE disk to a SATA disk, I was very surprized that it worked for me first time quite easily with TI 10. I had a single IDE drive with one C: partition. Mobo is an Nforce4 which can handle SATA at 150 GB/sec. I have never loaded any SATA/RAID drivers onto the IDE drive (F6) when installing windows XP. I plugged in the new SATA hard drive and verified it was detected by my BIOS. After booting up to windows on the IDE drive, I started TI 10 and went to the clone disk section. I cloned the IDE drive onto the SATA drive. After successful cloning, the computer shut down. I disconnected the IDE drive and rebooted. Checking my BIOS, the new SATA drive was now the primary boot HD. I booted up into windows on my new SATA drive. Everything was exactly the same as before. . . I did not even have to re-authenticate windows. My new HD benchmarks at about 60 MB/sec as opposed to my old IDE which benchmarked at 45 MB/sec.

    I was surprized at how smoothly the clone went. I did not use Sysprep or have to do a windows repair installation. I would have done this long ago if I had not read all of the horror stories about IDE to SATA cloning. I admit, the picture might have been different if I was cloning to a 300 MB/sec SATA drive that required some special drivers (F6 pre-windows install) or a RAID installation.

    DeeJay :D
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