Strong concerns re: ESET SS and Nod32 compatibility with WSA

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by newbie2247, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. newbie2247

    newbie2247 Registered Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    I was browsing around the Webroot site reading a bit about what I understand (from posts here) is our Prevx SafeOnline replacement or closest substitute - Webroot SecureAnywhere (, HUGE difference between the two, correct? I wonder which of those 2 applies? Do tell, please. Need to know of course.:rolleyes:

    Well, looking at the product features on the left with GREEN checkmarks, the very first one is "AntiVirus" and the 3rd is "Firewall". Plus 50% of the rest of the features I don't need, or won't use if they're optional features and manually run. Or is this a one-click program like Prevx also? i hope so! Don't want anything complicated at all. Sure would be great if it is, truly. Please let me know as I understand some of you or many have tried the 30 day Trial demo. Don't know if there are any whose Prevx license ended and are now on WSA.

    It sure does not look like this is compatible (not if it is In Fact" an AV program as clearly advertised on their site) with the ESET SS on my desktop nor my Nod32 on my laptop at all. Plus I am using the free Windows Firewall on the laptop and I'm behind a router. With my ESET, I get a firewall with that. What to do?

    Where do folks like me stand now? Silly me just thought WSA was a buffed-up top-tier replacement program because poor Prevx got bought-out by Webroot and yada, yada from all the font, posts and hype here at Wilders. That was clearly the impression I got - "WSA is going to/will take the place of PSO we're working on all the transfers of licenses right now, etc."

    Today I learn that's not even close to the truth. This looks to me like a big and powerful product and probably a lot of configuring too.

    Can somebody from ESET and Webroot please fill me in on my concerns as it looks like I am going to have to dump either ESET or Webroot. Cannot have 2 anti-virus programs running at the same time or 2 firewalls. Bottom line, it's even being touted as a complete security suite on some sites and compared with them. Thus my NEW + grave concern over compatibility with ESET + Nod32.

    I would love to heard what members know and can share with me please in addition to folks from or representing Webroot and ESET. I'm sure I am not the only concerned , confused person or someone completely under the wrong impression. Especially when you look at the add I linked to.

    Thanks in advance. Need to know so I can do the right thing and not lose any layers of protection.

    xpost with Prevx (fyi - just this one time. won't xpost again)

    EDIT: This is just awful! I just went through System Requirements again for this WAS and it said (32bit). That's half of us. The rest of us - like both my `puters are 64-bit. WOW!! A Brand New product just coming out that is only (32bit)? Why does that completely shock me? That can't be right. No way. My eyes got tired from all that reading and I must have missed something.:blink: When my license runs out, will I with my 2 64-bit `puters be left without and defenseless? Please advise.:oops:

    The really confusing part is WSA comes in 3 varieties with a $20 increase per variety and I haven't the faintest idea at all which one we are to subscribe to, assuming my original compatibility concerns are ever addressed and resolved if possible.
    I closed the page so I'm going strictly by memory on what they have:
    1) Complete

    2) Essentials

    3) Antivirus

    Which one of the above is our PrevxSafeOnline replacement pleaseo_O? Is it being an AntiVirus program as advertised HEAVILY and running 24/7/365 like Prevx as opposed to an "On Demand" program going to be compatible for those of us who use ESET Smart Security which also includes a firewall and Nod32 antivirus and using free Windows Firewall? We can drop that if it's proven to us that this Webroot Firewall is better, natch. Happily and hastily.

    Lots of questions understandably, I know, but there's a Billion I did NOT ask.;)

    Looking forward to your replies and Thanks All in advance.!

    Happy Thanksgiving.:D

  2. dwomack

    dwomack Eset Staff Account

    Mar 2, 2011
    Since this forum is specifically tied to ESET, I cannot speak to your Prevx specific questions but I can tell you that the Webroot antivirus will conflict with ESET Smart Security AND ESET NOD32 Antivirus because both contain a "real-time file scanner" that when run simultaneously, could drastically affect the performance of your computer, often to the point of a complete lock up of the system.

    As for running two firewalls at the same time, while it's possible and often won't conflict, any connection issues or rules conflicts between the firewalls makes diagnosis and resolution exponentially more difficult with every firewall you run.
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