Strange results on Softpedia.How can you explain it?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Windfresh, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Windfresh

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    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi friends,
    Here in this forum it has been very often said that the popularity of Norton and others big 2 (Mcafee and Trend Micro)can be explained by their being pre-installed to newly-bought PCs and huge ad-policy.And I have always agreed with such a vision of the point.But lately new data have made me rethink my previous "convictions".I surfed on the and discovered to my astonishment that Norton 2006 beta! is the most popular download in the field of antiviruses.As I view the situation, the sites like are frequented by advanced soft-seekers,which are not addicted to well-promoted brands-ordinary "house-wives"could download Norton right from Symantec official site.As it has turned out not only do ordinary users are Norton fans,but a lot of soft-lovers.Besides to Norton the other most popular AV downloads on Softpedia -ANtivir and AVG-it is easy to comprehend,cause they are free(it's strange but free Avast is not a popular download).
    Meanwhile I have to give softpedia guys(girls?)full credit-they recommend their visitors to download really the best AV products:Kaspersky(beta) and the current version,ATS(Anti-Trojan Shield),which demo I tested a year ago and it detected nasties,neglected by late TDS3.But ordinary visitors disparage the advice of specialists and download not recommended,but well-promoted progs . I have the following queustion:"What makes all those people download Norton or other "musts" from software specialised portals,neglecting the advice and recommendations of profies having such a great option of alternatives?"If I wanted to get a new version of Norton ,I should surf onto Symantec site,but not,softpedia or 2cows...
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