Still need IeSpyAd when using a HOSTS file ?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by dasavant34, May 16, 2005.

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  1. dasavant34

    dasavant34 Guest

    If I use a HOSTS file, what other "protection" become useless ?
    I actually use SpywareBlaster, IESPYAD and SpyBot SD.
  2. dasavant34

    dasavant34 Guest

    I'm using Windows98SE.
    What's the best and fastest for me ? A good hosts file or other things ?
    I don't want redondancy, my computer is not really ultra-fast :)
  3. dog

    dog Guest

    Hi dasavant34, ;)

    Welcome to Wilders' ;)

    You can use them all. Done have a bearing on your system other than Spybot's Tea Timer.

    Hosts file blocks access to listed sites - completely
    IE-Spyad - Uses IE's restricted zone - to restrict what questionable sites can do - but doesn't prevent access to them
    Spyware Blaster - blocks Known bad active X controls and prevents them from running thru registry entries, it also blocks tracking cookies and the such
    Tea Timer - watches for system changes allowing you to permit or deny them

    They're all very useful, and they provide different types of protections.


  4. dasavant34

    dasavant34 Guest

    Thanks dog

    One more question :
    Does it slow down my browsing when I use such long lists of sites, reg entries and so on ?
  5. dog

    dog Guest

    My Pleasure, ;)

    No it shouldn't have any effect on Win 98, but anyone reading this using Win 2000 & XP and using a hosts file - you have to disable the DNS Client in services.msc

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