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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by FanJ, Aug 26, 2002.

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  1. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Steve Gibson has set up a new forum for SPAM:



    Here's a group that hardly needs any introduction or explanation:


    I find myself getting more and more upset by what has become of the
    Internet's public eMail system.

    Read more:
  2. the Tester

    the Tester Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2002
    The Gateway to the Blue Hills,WI.
    I agree 100%.My hotmail account gets more junk mail(spam) then it ever has!Even with mail the junk mail option,the situation is a pain.
  3. It should be a good forum...but one already exist and they do have answers.....

    Discussions on email and other electronic SPAM in all its forms (inc. phone spam, SMS spam, IM spam, pop-ups, pop-unders, flash and java ads, etc.).

    BBR Spam FAQ

    Tracing & reporting spam

    Report spam at Spamcop

    Anti-spam links

    See: All, Unreplied Best topics over last 3 months

    Quick Answers - Spam Dos and Donts:


    Spam - The Basics:

    What exactly is spam?
    Why is it called SPAM, anyway?
    Why am I getting all these e-mails from people I don't know?
    What's all this about opt-in and opt-out?
    Should I follow the instructions to remove my name from the mailing list?
    Why shouldn't I just delete it? How about bouncing it?
    How do I report spam? Who should I complain to?
    How do I determine the correct abuse address to send my complaint?
    What services are available to help me fight spam?

    Spam Legality:

    Is spam legal?
    What is bill 1618? Does it legalize spam?
    The e-mail says it's not spam, but it sure looks like it. What should I do?
    Is there a U.S. government agency concerned with spam?
    How can I help promote anti-spam legislation?

    Spam Prevention:

    How can I prevent my e-mail address from being spammed?

    Spam Management:

    How do I go about filtering my e-mail?
    How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email with headers?


    What are some common spams and scams to look out for?
    What is an open relay, and what does it have to do with spam?
    I am getting spammed with a virus! What should I do?

    Advanced Topics:

    What is a blacklist/blocklist w/r/t spam? Can I use one (or more)?
    How do I post my spam to (NANAS)?
  4. Prince_Serendip

    Prince_Serendip Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2002
  5. controler

    controler Guest

    This is why I keep checking this site... ;)
  6. MickeyTheMan

    MickeyTheMan Security Expert

    Feb 9, 2002
    Yep, love that one too !
    No unwanted mail gets to my Becky folders ! ;)
    With Web2Pop, all those Yahoo and Hotmail get sent were they belong !

    BTW MailWasher should be supporting webmails accounts very shortly.
    As per info on site:
    Hotmail, AOL, other web mail
    28 July 2002
    Hotmail support will be available end of August, AOL shortly after this.
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