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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by robb7thurston, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. robb7thurston

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    Jun 28, 2008
    Hi all;
    I hope you all are having a fine day. Here is a question concerning the application bundled into WinXP named "Search". Go to start and click on Search, of course.
    I run a MS WinXP, with FireFox, for browsing, and Comoodo FW, and Avast, Cyber Hawk, Defender and Spyware Doctor for security. Sometimes I download a program, say it was MMP, and dislike it, and unstall it. Afterwards i always go and search it out in the Search application of WinXP. I always get something remaining, say something like MMP.exe or many such like files remaining, and I delete them and redo search until search shows no related results. Then i check disk, clean up disk etc.
    QUESTION: Hikuela, a correspondent of yours you published, suggested that there are deep caches left by browsers on the C disk, and i wonder: Does Search Reveal All These Caches (thus making them deletable)? ADVISE.
    Here is Hikuela as you presented :
    "Doesn't look like it needs to securely delete it, nothing gets stored in there in the first place.
    Firefox normally uses 2 caches, a small fast one in the RAM (which is automatically cleared when Firefox closes), and a larger slower cache on the disk (which can leave traces for a long time).
    With the xB browser the disk cache is disabled.
    Try pasting these two links in your location bar:

    If you are concerned about other programs leaving traces of deleted files check out Eraser (free, open source), it can securely wipe files, and securely scrub unused disk space."
    Thanks for your kind answer which I look forward to.
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