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    Feb 10, 2002
    If you have found a new spyware ActiveX control that is trying to install itself from a webpage, or if a new CLSID that is not covered by SpywareBlaster is being used by a spyware ActiveX control, the following information would help me GREATLY in quickly responding to the threat:

    NOTE: PLEASE do not post new spyware CLSIDs in this thread. I would greatly appreciate if you could start a new thread to do so.

    1.) The new CLSID

    (This can be found in an "<object" tag of a webpage, in the source. If you do not know how to locate this, simply provide me with at least the following item...)

    2.) The webpage where this spyware item tried to install itself.

    (If it is from a popup, the pop-up location would be helpful, but if you cannot get this address, I can try to locate it from the webpage that caused the pop-up to appear.)

    3.) Grab a screenshot of the ActiveX window Yes/No install window, if you can.

    (An excellent example of a screenshot is provided below.)

    4.) If this is previously acknowledged spyware, the name would also be helpful (if you cannot get a screenshot of the Yes/No acceptance box).

    If you can provide any more information than the above 4 items, please don't hesitate to do so - they are just provided as a baseline.

    Also, if you cannot provide all 4 above, don't fret - please still post and I will try to investigate.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this posting. :cool:

    Best regards,


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