stalling, AppGuard messages, and smoky smell

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    Apr 5, 2011

    Recently as I was reading messages on the Asus Transformer Forum, my Chrome started stalling at times (would not let me scroll up or down the page) -- I guess the CPU was at a high % for some strange reason-- and the only way to solve that was to disconnect my ethernet cable, which allowed me to use the scrollbar on the page as normal without any stalling. Then I checked my AppGuard Activity Report and discovered that at the same time as those stalling problems there were many repeated instants of the following message:
    "....prevented Google Chrome from reading the memory of <HostProcess for Windows Tasks>."

    At the same time as the above stalling, an area on the back of my tablet pc (Windows 8.1) was warmer than usual, and after I removed my micro usb charging cable and put my nose up to it, I could smell a little smoky smell coming from inside the tablet (not sure if it was from the CPU or the PSU because this tablet has no fan or vents, just that one micro usb port and another micro hdmi port right next to it.)

    Can anyone help me connect the dots and give me some ideas as to what happened? Thanks!