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    Nov 28, 2004
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    Universities struggling with SSL-busting spyware
    Marketscore software can intercept sensitive data

    By Paul Roberts, IDG News Service
    November 30, 2004

    See the article at:

    They claim to be a new, better "product" and don't consider themselves spyware:

    "CA's eTrust antivirus software labeled Marketscore "spyware" up until June of this year, but stopped doing so after Marketscore appealed that designation using an established vendor appeal process, he said. CA is currently re-evaluating the "spyware" designation using a complicated, multifactor scoring system. The software is less repugnant than its predecessor, Netsetter, which did not clearly disclose to users what it did when installed and made itself difficult to remove.

    "Marketscore is better on both those counts, clearly stating both in the end user license agreement and during the installation process what the product does, and providing users with an easy uninstall program. CA considers Marketscore an example of a new breed of software that lies in the gray area between spyware and legitimate software, Curry said. "

    Sheesh, they'll probably manage to convince users that it's no big deal that they're inserting themselves into encrypted transactions --- or rather, they just won't mention that you'd better turn it off whenever you have potentially sensitive traffic.

    My question is: will my spyware programs make sure I don't get it?
Thread Status:
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